Are You a Vessel of Honor?

I would like to draw your attention today to 2 Timothy 2:20-21

Now in a large house there are not only gold and silver bowls, but also those of wood and earthenware, SOME for SPECIAL USE, SOME for ORDINARY. So IF anyone PURIFIES himself FROM these things, he WILL BE a SPECIAL instrument, SET APART, useful to the Master, prepared for every good work.”

Now read carefully what the Lord impressed upon my heart from tis passage: IF you are called by Him for a special purposelike a vessel of gold or silver, you will HAVE to go through the refiner’s fire

“Gold and silver are worthless unless we remove the impurities, the dross.”

IF you are experiencing the refiner’s fire over and over again, REJOICE for you have been counted worthy of being a vessel of HONOR in His House!! 

There is no making without the breaking! 

God will bring you to a point where nothing of you remains- to a point where everything in your flesh is completely removed, so you can be set free to be EVERYTHING He has called you to be!!

The refiner’s fire is painful but much needed

Will you pray today with me asking God to break you from anything that He shows you that must go?

Oh don’t resist the refiner’s fire! 

Don’t waste your time of refining by looking at others not in the refiner’s fire!! YOU have a higher calling and purpose in your life than them. That is why YOU are in the fire!! Do not judge others around you- that they escaped this fire! YOU are IN the fire, at such a time as this. Now don’t waste time by grumbling and questioning God. Stop lamenting that the fire is HOT! 

Take action in your refiner’s fire!! ASK God to break you off every dross that must go! 

Oh Lord I pray over these Your precious ones reading this blog today. That they WILL NOT resist Your refiner’s fire!! Oh Lord give them willing and obedient hearts. Give them hearts that are tender- break those hardened walls they have built around their hearts. Break them off pride and self centered attitudes. Oh Lord give them humility to accept areas that You show them that they need to change or break away from. Break them off every thing of the flesh: the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, the pride of life…until ALL that those around them see just You JESUS radiant and gloriously reflected in their lives. Place Your fire within them, that causes them to burn for You.

Lord, we acknowledge that this refining process is so painful…Lord, so I ask of You to give these Your beloved strength and Heaven breathed grace to endure this refining. Give them like minded believers who will not be spectators in the process, but will get down on their knees and support them in prayer and action. Lord I ask for a complete surrender of body, soul, spirit, mind into the loving Hands of Jesus, the Master Potter! Lord I ask that Your work of refining will do its COMPLETE work in each of these Your precious people. In Jesus’ Most Exalted Name we have asked, AMEN.

Oh be unshackled and be everything He has called you to be!! 

Something to ponder: Read and meditate upon Mark 10: 35-38. Jesus’ disciples James and John wanted places of “honor”- to be seated on the right and left hand of Jesus. Jesus says, “You do not know what you are asking.” Why do you think He said that? Use the comments space below to give your answers. Thanks! 


  1. Sheena Thomas

    The ultimate place of Honor was where Jesus was supposed to be seated at and to get there He Himself would have to go through things no man can imagine. That place of Honor is the place Jesus left and came to this world and before He got back there, He was going to have to suffer. But the disciples did not know the price to be paid to get seated at that place of Honor. However, through the Finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross, we who are God’s children are now seated at that place of Honor, or as Paul calls it “in heavenly realms or places”. This is not by our might, or by our power but purely by His Spirit.

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